Hi, my name is David, and I love power and performance. Want to boost the power on your car? Check out these posts. They should help and inspire you!

The Top 9 Industries that Use Hydraulic Equipment Every Day

1 July 2015
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The principle of hydraulics is defined as force that is applied at one point with the help of an incompressible fluid. Incompressible simply means unable to be compressed. There are several types of hydraulic equipment used in various industries throughout the world today. 1. The automotive world is a huge proponent of hydraulic equipment. You will see multiple types of hydraulic equipment used on a car. There can be hydraulic brakes, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors. Read More …

Three Used Auto Repair Services You Should Leave to the Professionals

19 June 2015
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When you set out to buy a used car, you likely figured out that you would have some repairs in order to get the car up and running properly. Some of these tasks you can take on yourself, but there are others that really should be left to the professionals. Here are a few of those repair services and why a professional should be the one handling the task: Panel Beating Read More …

4 Tips on Fixing Squeaky Brakes on a Vehicle

17 June 2015
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When a vehicle's brakes squeal and screech when being used, it can often distract the driver enough to carry out some checks to address the problem. These checks can be done by anyone, even those with little DIY experience. Keep the vehicle book close by if you need help identifying certain parts of the vehicle. This article looks at a few checks to carry out to eliminate squealing brakes. Check if the Wheel Wobbles Read More …

3 Signs of Necessary Auto Repairs You Shouldn’t Overlook

12 June 2015
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Not every small change or perceived problem with your car necessarily means that you should run to an auto mechanic, as cars can often simply develop noises or rattles over time without these actually being dangerous. However, it's not unusual for a car owner to overlook some signs of necessary auto repair, simply because they don't realise how serious the problem is or may reason that if the car can still drive, there's no need for a mechanic. Read More …

Transmission Services Every Car Owner Should Know About

3 June 2015
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When you are told that your car needs transmission services for routine servicing or repair, there may be some terms you aren't familiar with. This often leads to avoiding certain maintenance that needs to be done, or getting services you may not need at the time. Before you take your car in for another maintenance appointment, specifically transmission service, consider these services terms and what to know about each. Transmission Resealing Read More …

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Hi, my name is David, and I love power and performance. When I drive, I want the ability to just push the gas pedal to the floor, feel the vehicle roar beneath me and feel like I can conquer the world. However, as I have always owned used cars, that sometimes can be a challenge. Luckily, through the years, I have learned ways to use auto services to my advantage. I know about the repairs you need for improved performance, and I know which aftermarket parts can help as well. Want to boost the power on your car? Then, hang out and check out these posts. They should help and inspire you!