Hi, my name is David, and I love power and performance. Want to boost the power on your car? Check out these posts. They should help and inspire you!

How Can Mother Nature Affect the Performance of Your Car’s Air Conditioning System?

4 May 2018
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If you're having problems with your car's air conditioning system, it could be something to do with the environment within which you live and even more specifically, the street that you call home. How can your community affect the performance of this mechanical device without you even knowing it and what should you do to avoid this problem in the future? An Eye on the Evaporator A vehicle's air conditioning system is quite complicated and (just like your home) has a number of independent parts that need to work in tandem. Read More …

Automotive: Signs Your Trailer Has Developed Brake Problems

19 January 2017
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The onset of issues with your brakes can be quite annoying. However, they also pose a serious hazard for you and other road users, thus they need to be diagnosed and rectified as soon as you notice the signs. Nevertheless, not many motorists now how to spot issues with their brakes. Conversely, there are others who may suspect that there is something wrong but choose to ignore the problem unto they get enough money for car servicing. Read More …

Is Your Car AC Aggravating Your Allergies?

11 November 2016
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If you suffer from allergies, you probably take steps to control any potential triggers around your home. However, have you ever considered the impact the AC unit in your car might be having on your medical condition? Below is a guide to the signs that your vehicle's AC unit is aggravating your allergies, the causes of the problem and the steps you need to take to combat it. What are the warning signs? Read More …

Expert maintenance tips for your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

26 August 2016
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There is never really a good time for the A/C in your vehicle to fail since it is integral for your comfort. This is particularly true during hot weather when the high temperatures can get very uncomfortable. Despite this, a check of the air conditioning system may not always be included during regular vehicle maintenance. You therefore need to devote some of your attention to making sure the system is running properly. Read More …

Three Best Tips to Keep in Mind When Towing with a Crossover SUV

19 July 2016
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In the current motoring world, towing does not require purchasing a full-sized truck. Many crossover sport utility vehicles (SUVs) can tow a fair amount of weight, such as towing a small trailer, a small boat, or a jet ski. Your crossover SUV might come installed with a hitch trailer for towing, but many drivers are not familiar with proper towing procedures. If you surpass the SUV's towing limit, your vehicle is likely to have a mechanical hitch that can exacerbate the damage to other components and the transmission mechanism. Read More …

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