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3 Checks To Make Sure Your Car Is Roadworthy Before Registration

27 November 2019
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In most Australian states, you will need a roadworthy certificate before your next car registration. These roadworthy requirements are set to keep everyone safe. If the car fails the test, you may need to undertake mechanical repairs before you can get it passed, which can be stressful and time-consuming. But you can undertake some checks beforehand to make sure your car is roadworthy. Here they are: Check All The Lights On Your Vehicle Read More …

Why You Need to Be Careful When Checking Your Transmission

8 August 2019
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Are you a little forgetful at times, and especially when it comes to servicing your car? People may often have so much on their minds that they can easily overlook something as important as this, but it can lead to significant issues in the worst-case scenario. A regular service can be even more important if you happen to drive a vehicle that is equipped with an automatic transmission. After all, even though this component is a masterpiece of engineering in its own right, you need to give it some help if you want it to last as long as possible. Read More …

How to Troubleshoot Braking Issues with Your Trailer

24 May 2019
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If you tow a trailer or caravan on a fairly regular basis, then you may have become used to its idiosyncrasies and know exactly what to expect whenever you take to the open road. In short, you understand how your rig will behave in a variety of different circumstances and, crucially, what to expect when you apply the brakes. Of course, it takes a great deal more effort to decelerate a loaded trailer or caravan, but you should nevertheless expect smooth and consistent operation. Read More …

How car windshield replacement is carried out

28 February 2019
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The windshield of your vehicle plays an important role in improving visibility and protecting you while driving. If your vehicle has a damaged windshield, you may be compromising your safety on the road. In addition, a small crack can easily expand into a fully shattered windshield. Replacing your entire front glass may be necessary if the windshield is extensively damaged. A replacement also ensures that you have a new high-quality glass installed in your vehicle. Read More …

5 Warning Signs Your Automatic Transmission Fluid Needs to Be Changed

2 November 2018
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Transmission fluid changes are required for all cars, regardless of whether you drive a car with a manual or automatic transmission. Car makers usually recommend the time interval or mileage after which old transmission fluid should be removed and replaced with fresh fluid, but you may require a transmission fluid change sooner than the manufacturer-recommended schedule.   If you own an automatic car, here are a few common warning signs indicating it may be time for you to change your transmission fluid. Read More …

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