Hi, my name is David, and I love power and performance. Want to boost the power on your car? Check out these posts. They should help and inspire you!

Transmission Fluid Change Versus Flush: Which Is Best for Your Automatic Car?

6 October 2020
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When it comes to automatic transmission maintenance, many car owners often get confused about whether to change the fluid in their transmission (transmission fluid change) or flush out the fluid completely (transmission flush).  While both a transmission fluid change and a flush are meant to improve the health and performance of your automatic transmission, they're two completely different transmission maintenance services.  Stick around to learn the difference between these two car maintenance jobs, as well as which one is best for your car. Read More …

3 Important Aspects to Focus on When Selecting a Truck Repair Service

28 July 2020
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The trucking business in Australia is growing at a steady rate, which provides opportunities for many freight firms. Like any other vehicle, trucks are prone to malfunctions that might affect business operations significantly. Therefore, finding the right truck repair service is central to the success of a transport company, especially in a highly competitive environment. However, choosing the right truck repair service is not easy since multiple aspects must be considered. Read More …

Could a Sensor Be Telling You That It’s Time for a Service?

26 March 2020
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Most countries have stringent laws that dictate how much an individual vehicle may pollute the atmosphere. These laws have been in place for some time, and car manufacturers have risen to the challenge in order to ensure that their vehicles are always in compliance. Several individual components are placed within the vehicle to monitor and adjust these emissions, and one of them that you may never have come across is called the lambda sensor. Read More …

3 Checks To Make Sure Your Car Is Roadworthy Before Registration

27 November 2019
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In most Australian states, you will need a roadworthy certificate before your next car registration. These roadworthy requirements are set to keep everyone safe. If the car fails the test, you may need to undertake mechanical repairs before you can get it passed, which can be stressful and time-consuming. But you can undertake some checks beforehand to make sure your car is roadworthy. Here they are: Check All The Lights On Your Vehicle Read More …

Why You Need to Be Careful When Checking Your Transmission

8 August 2019
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Are you a little forgetful at times, and especially when it comes to servicing your car? People may often have so much on their minds that they can easily overlook something as important as this, but it can lead to significant issues in the worst-case scenario. A regular service can be even more important if you happen to drive a vehicle that is equipped with an automatic transmission. After all, even though this component is a masterpiece of engineering in its own right, you need to give it some help if you want it to last as long as possible. Read More …

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