Why is it So Important to Service an Oil Cooler?

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Why is it So Important to Service an Oil Cooler?

17 February 2023
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Car owners often overlook one of the most important components that keep their engine running smoothly—the oil cooler. This device helps reduce the temperature of your engine's oil, limiting wear and tear on engine parts and keeping your engine running at peak performance. But just like any other part of your vehicle, the oil cooler needs to be serviced regularly in order to function properly. What's involved with this type of work, and why is servicing an oil cooler so important?

What Does an Oil Cooler Do?

The job of an oil cooler is to keep the engine oil at a controlled temperature, allowing it to flow better and lubricate those important parts. Without it, the oil would become too hot and thin out, leading to premature wear on internal components such as pistons and bearings. It's important that you service your oil cooler regularly to ensure that it's functioning correctly.

How Often Should You Service Your Oil Cooler?

You will need to refer to the owner's manual or ask a skilled mechanic to ask them how often you should service your particular vehicle. However, when you keep that appointment, this will help prevent costly repairs due to premature wear.

Servicing Your Oil Cooler: What Does That Entail?

When servicing an oil cooler, the mechanic will go through several steps. They will inspect hoses for leaks or damage, replace gaskets as needed, check for proper fluid levels, and replace any worn-out parts or seals. It is also important to check for any signs of corrosion or dirt build-up inside the lines since these can impede proper cooling performance over time.

Finally, it's a good idea to flush the lines with clean motor oil before everything back together. This may help to get rid of any accumulation within the oil cooler itself. After all, this device is like a miniature radiator and has narrow tubes and fins throughout its forward-facing matrix. These narrow parts are very efficient in getting rid of unwanted heat, but they can also act as a trap for contamination.

What to Do Next

An oil cooler is a crucial safety device. It can help your vehicle perform and potentially prolong the life of the engine and other parts. So, make sure that it is serviced correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. If necessary, get in touch with a mechanic today to schedule that visit.

For more information on oil coolers, contact a professional near you.

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