Why Regular Car Servicing is Important for Your Vehicle

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Why Regular Car Servicing is Important for Your Vehicle

18 November 2022
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Do you worry about taking your car for service? You're not alone. Car services often reveal problems that you have to pay to fix. While that can feel inconvenient and frustrating, not resolving those problems while they're small can mean costlier repairs in the future. Here are some areas where a car service is particularly important. 

Oil Turning to Sludge 

If you regularly check and top up your car's oil, you're off to a good start. However, topping up your car's oil isn't enough to prevent it from turning into sludge. When your car's oil is at the right viscosity, it removes heat from the engine. Oil that is sludgy no longer has the capacity to keep your engine at a temperature that's best for it. In a worst-case scenario, your engine can overheat to the point where it seizes. A seized engine usually requires a complete replacement, which is always pricier than an oil change. When taking your car for an oil change, make sure your servicing provider uses the type that's most appropriate for your vehicle.

Driving on Poor Tyres

It's easy to let your car's tyres fall to the bottom of your priority list, especially when you're leading a hectic lifestyle. However, if they have the wrong tread and depth they become problematic. Low tyre depth leaves you with less grip when you're driving on wet roads. It also reduces your stopping distance, which increases your risk of having an accident. In a worst-case scenario, you may experience your tire bursting while you're driving at speed. This is a particularly risky event. When you make car servicing a priority, a professional will assess whether you need new tyres and help to keep you safe as you drive.

Essential Fluid Checks

Your car relies on lots of types of fluids to keep running smoothly. Coolant is important for ensuring your engine doesn't overheat. Alongside oil, it can prevent your engine from seizing and becoming useless. If your brake fluid is low, they too become less effective. They may not produce a braking effect as fast as you need them to, which can prove fatal in an emergency. In some cases, they could fail altogether. When a professional looks at various fluids, they ensure they're at safe levels. Alongside keeping you safe, they protect other parts of your car. For example, brake fluid can prevent other parts of your brakes from wearing down, which then results in you avoiding costly replacements for longer.

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