Will Engine Oil Still Work If You Miss Your Service Visits?

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Will Engine Oil Still Work If You Miss Your Service Visits?

16 March 2022
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Every vehicle owner must realise the importance of routine service. They've been told how crucial it is to change the oil and filter at strategic intervals, and many people do just that without any question. Yet life can be hectic, and it's easy to overlook a visit to your service station as other things get in the way. You may think that it is okay to skip to the next appointment, but that's not necessarily the case. What would happen if you were to miss an engine oil and filter change regularly? How could it affect the operation of your vehicle?

Carefully Engineered

Engine oil is a very sophisticated product. It has been designed through countless hours in a laboratory and after many laborious sessions on a testbed, with a variety of different additives and ingredients included for extra measure. It's not simply a lubricant but is also designed to regulate the internal temperature and clean the engine on a daily basis.

Shelf Life

Nothing is designed to last forever, and engine lubricant cannot perform to maximum efficiency if it is too old. It's been manufactured to work well under given conditions for a specified amount of time and will begin to deteriorate markedly if it is not changed when it should be.

Poor Protection

Old engine oil will begin to degrade and will not be able to lubricate the many moving parts as it should. It can't protect the gears, valves and pistons, and they'll deal with increasing friction, ultimately leading to major mechanical damage and a higher repair bill.

Thermal Degradation

As the oil gets even older, it will begin to break down into component parts and will be unable to cool the engine as it should. This thermal degradation means that the oil will be unable to capture, absorb and release heat, even if you have an external oil cooler fitted.

Rubbish Collection

Remember, microscopic particles of metal and rubber will naturally wear away inside the engine and its ancillaries. When the oil is in good condition, it can carry these tiny particles in suspension to the filter, but if the oil has not been changed for a long time, it will begin to get "sludgy." It may be unable to circulate properly through the engine under maximum load, leading to oil starvation within critical components.

Warranty Issues

As you can see, old engine oil is very bad for your vehicle. And, if you do need to turn to the manufacturer's warranty to deal with engine damage, be prepared for a challenge. After all, the company that provides this service may refuse if they see that you missed those recommended service visits.

Catching up

So, if you have recently missed an appointment with your mechanic, make up for that now by booking your slot.

Contact a car service company to learn more. 

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