4 Common Signs of Auto Electrical Problems You Should Know

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4 Common Signs of Auto Electrical Problems You Should Know

2 June 2021
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Your vehicle relies heavily on fuses, wires, battery, starter, alternator and other electrical components to function well. Since electrical problems are not as common as mechanical issues, most people are caught off-guard and find it hard to detect these problems. Figuring out an electric problem is quite hard, especially for an inexperienced car owner. 

This article is a guideline to help you know when your vehicle is due for electric repairs at a car service station. 

1. When the Lights Are Dim

Have you noticed that your car's lights are dim when driving at night? There is a high likelihood that your vehicle has an electrical problem. Perhaps your bulb blew out or your battery needs a replacement. In that case, your mechanic needs to replace the blown bulb or change the battery if necessary.

2. When There's a Plastic Smell

A rubber or plastic odour when driving is an indication of an electrical problem. It can result from an electrical component that has short out. In such situations, the wires draw lots of current, melting the plastic around the wire and producing a burning smell. If you detect such a smell or see smoke from the car, visit your car service station as soon as possible. 

3. When You Experience Battery Issues

The vehicle's batteries have a lifespan of about five years. So, if you are experiencing problems with your car battery before the end of the expected lifespan, you should have it checked. There might be a short circuit or faulty alternator. Ensure that your mechanic fixes the cables properly to avoid corrosion and other battery problems.

4. When the Engine Does Not Turn Over

Your car will only start if you have enough electrical power. If your engine will not turn over or if it takes too much time, there might be an issue with the starter or the engine. Check if the vehicle clicks when you turn your engine, and if so, that is proof enough there is no enough current to keep the engine running as required. Consulting a mechanic is the only way to know if the battery is dead, if the flywheel is faulty, or if you have a faulty electrical system.

The car's electrical parts offer you a sense of comfort and convince, which may be taken away if some parts do not work as expected. Pay attention to the operations of your vehicle to detect anything unusual quickly, and partner with a car service station for your electric repair needs. 

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