4 Questions To Ask Your Mechanic During Vehicle Repair

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4 Questions To Ask Your Mechanic During Vehicle Repair

23 November 2020
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Most car owners will dread a visit to the mechanic. It is especially so if you do not know the problem with your vehicle. This excerpt discusses a few questions to ask your mechanic when you take your car for repairs.

1. What Is Wrong With The Vehicle? 

The mechanic should conduct an extensive inspection to determine the scope of repairs. They could also interview you to know what symptoms you experienced. For instance, worn-out spark plugs could cause a rapid decrease in power, ignition problems and increased fuel consumption. The mechanic could also want to know whether you have attempted any repairs to resolve the issue. For instance, if you experience reduced power, you could be dealing with a blocked fuel pump or exhaust, low engine compression, clogged air filter or fuel injectors. In some cases, the mechanic could need to examine your service records to know what service the vehicle needs.

The mechanic will also inform you of urgent and non-urgent repairs that your vehicle needs. For instance, if you have a braking issue, the mechanic could identify worn out suspension or bushes. 

2. What Repairs Does The Vehicle Need?

The mechanic will assess the extent of the damage and advise what repairs the vehicle needs. For instance, an overheating vehicle could have damaged gaskets and a warped cylinder block. If your car has had a head-on collision, you may need a new bumper, headlights, grille, radiator and condenser.

3. How Could The Problem Be Avoided?

The mechanic will give preventive maintenance tips. For example, overheating can be avoided by ensuring your vehicle has sufficient coolant. Besides, the radiator cap should be tightly closed. You should conduct regular radiator service to get rid of gunk and rust in the radiator. If you had an accident, the mechanic will perform a quick inspection to identify the cause of the incident. For instance, could be you had loose brakes or worn-out tires.  

4. What Are The Repair Costs? 

The mechanic should provide you with a quote before attempting any repairs on the vehicle. Reputable mechanics will give a quote of the parts required and the labour costs. If you are on a budget, you could opt to purchase used parts instead of new components. Your mechanic should help you identify and inspect quality used parts. Besides, insist on a guarantee from the seller.

When taking your vehicle for repairs, ask your mechanic about the vehicle's problem, the recommended repairs, preventive maintenance tips and the repair costs. Remember, your mechanic must be experienced in the repair and maintenance of the make and model of your car. 

If you have additional questions, contact a mechanic in your area.

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