How car windshield replacement is carried out

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How car windshield replacement is carried out

28 February 2019
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The windshield of your vehicle plays an important role in improving visibility and protecting you while driving. If your vehicle has a damaged windshield, you may be compromising your safety on the road. In addition, a small crack can easily expand into a fully shattered windshield.

Replacing your entire front glass may be necessary if the windshield is extensively damaged. A replacement also ensures that you have a new high-quality glass installed in your vehicle. When you need windshield replacement services, you can expect the following four-step process to be carried out.

1. Consultation and inspection of the vehicle

An auto service will first begin by inspecting the extent of damage to your windshield. The purpose is to determine if repair or replacement is the best course of action. Repair, using an adhesive, can be carried out on small sections that have cracked. Cracks are often caused by loose debris on the road, expansion due to heat or breakage after high impact. If the cracks are widespread or located near corners of your windshield, replacement may be the best solution. A new windshield will maintain its structural integrity and protect you while on the road.

2. Replacement of the damaged glass

After the decision to replace your glass has been made, your car service will proceed to install a new manufacturer-recommended windshield. Make sure the auto mechanic uses an OEM part instead of using other types of glass. OEM certified parts have been tested for durability, shatter resistance and structural integrity. Your new windshield should be capable of withstanding elements such as hot temperature, heavy rain and small debris.

3. Applying proper adhesive

During windshield replacement, your car service will first remove the damaged glass and place it aside for disposal. Next, the adhesive will be applied to hold your new glass in place. The primers and adhesives used should be capable of firmly holding your windshield in place. To ensure a quality installation, your auto technician should allow enough time for the adhesive to cure after your new glass has been put in place. Proper curing firmly keeps your windshield attached to its correct position.

4. Inspection of the new windshield

Finally, the new glass is thoroughly inspected to ensure that the installation was carried out correctly. Your auto technician will take time to examine the edges, adhesive and other parts of the glass for structural integrity. It is only after a proper inspection that you should put your vehicle back on the road.

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