How to Get a Roadworthy Certificate

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How to Get a Roadworthy Certificate

12 September 2018
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A certificate of roadworthiness is used to indicate that your vehicle is safe to drive on public roads. It is needed when a vehicle is sold, re-registered or to remove a defect notice. If your vehicle is not a taxi, a roadworthy certificate is not needed for new vehicles. Roadworthy certificates are also not necessary if your vehicle is not mainly for the use of transporting passengers or goods. There are a number of vehicle makes that are included in this distinction -- you can check for this online. If your vehicle needs a roadworthy certificate, the process for obtaining one is outlined below.

The inspection of a vehicle for a certificate

To obtain a roadworthy certificate, your vehicle will need to be inspected by a licensed vehicle tester. Vehicle inspection services can be searched for online. The licensed tester will examine the wheels and tyres, seats and seatbelts, lights and reflectors, steering, suspension and braking, windscreen and windows, the structure of the vehicle and safety measures on the engine, chassis or body of the vehicle. The test does not check the design of the vehicle, wear on the car or accessories in the car, such as the electric windows, rear window wipers and the air conditioner. It also does not mean that the parts inspected will not break in the future.

Obtaining the certificate

If your vehicle passes the inspection, you will be awarded a roadworthy certificate. The price of the certificate will vary depending on the age, type and condition of your vehicle. If your vehicle fails on any of the requirements, you will need to pay for the work to be carried out and the new parts of the vehicle will need to be inspected when the work is completed. If your vehicle is not repaired and inspected again shortly after the original test then a full inspection will have to be carried out again.

If you are not happy with the test for the certificate

If you disagree with the results of the inspection, you can check online if the part mentioned is included in the test for roadworthiness. Then, if you are still concerned, you can request an inspection from a different licensed tester which you can show to the original tester. If the second inspector agrees with your complaint and the original inspector will not work with you, then you can produce a written complaint, which may lead to action in court.

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