Automotive: Signs Your Trailer Has Developed Brake Problems

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Automotive: Signs Your Trailer Has Developed Brake Problems

19 January 2017
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The onset of issues with your brakes can be quite annoying. However, they also pose a serious hazard for you and other road users, thus they need to be diagnosed and rectified as soon as you notice the signs. Nevertheless, not many motorists now how to spot issues with their brakes. Conversely, there are others who may suspect that there is something wrong but choose to ignore the problem unto they get enough money for car servicing. This is absolutely dangerous. Below are some of the signs that would indicate your trailer has developed problems with its braking system that need to be resolved post haste.

The brakes are making weird noises

Generally, your brakes are supposed to function inaudibly. In the event that they begin to start making noises whenever they are in use, it could indicate a number of underlying problems. The first sound to be wary of would be squealing noises. Squealing could indicate that your brakes require lubrication. On the other hand, the noises could also imply that your brake pads need adjustment or replacement depending on the amount of wear and tear they have acquired.

Another strange noise to be on the lookout for would be grinding sounds. Typically, this is indicative of the metallic components of the brakes grinding against each other. The problem will develop if the rotors, as well as your brake pads, have become severely damaged, requiring them to be replaced with new parts. In worst-case scenarios, you may even see metallic flecks on your wheels. It would be important to have a mechanic inspect your brakes to remedy the problem.

The vehicle is pulling to one side

Another sign that your brakes may have become compromised is if you are gradually losing control of your vehicle. This loss of control can manifest itself by your vehicle pulling itself to one side of the road, even when you are trying to keep it centred while you drive. You may also notice that when you try to push on the brakes, the vehicle begin to shudder vigorously. These signs are all indicative of your brakes acquiring excessive wear and you would need to take your car for servicing as soon as possible.

The brake pedals have become spongy

Your brake pedals are supposed to give off slight resistance when you push down against them. When your pedals begin to feel spongy underfoot, it is a sure fire sign that your brake fluid levels are extremely low. It should be noted that not attending to this could quickly escalate to losing all functionality in your brakes.

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