4 Reasons Your Car Needs a Regular Service

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4 Reasons Your Car Needs a Regular Service

25 May 2016
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It is that time of year again: time for your auto service. But you may be tempted to put it off, maybe due to not quite having the money. This could actually be worse for you. Car servicing is an essential part of car maintenance, and here are four reasons to book your car in for one when it comes due.

Save You Money in the Future

The whole point of maintaining your car is to avoid the extra cost in the future, and a service will help with this by avoiding future larger issues. You'll have your fluids changed and a full inspection on your parts to ensure there is no wear and tear damage.

By a mechanic spotting a problem early, you can prevent it wearing another part on the vehicle in the future. For example, an oil change can prevent dirty, used oil wearing down the carburettor.

Save Money on Fuel

Your car won't have to work as hard to keep you moving. When parts start to wear, they put strain on other parts and your engine needs to work much harder than before. This burns through more fuel, so you have to fill the tank more often. Getting your car serviced regularly can keep this from happening.

Save You the Hassle of a Breakdown

Not all of the issues will give you a warning before a break down, whether it is a light on the dash or a smell from somewhere within the hood. Your car could break down in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception or on a dangerous and busy highway. By keeping your car in working order, you'll keep yourself and your passengers safe from others and the weather conditions.

Increase Your Car Value

Having a vehicle with a full service history increases its value. It shows that you've ensured the parts are maintained and will not cause a problem for the person buying the vehicle. Make sure you keep the paperwork for any service you have, including any parts that have been repaired or replaced.

While it is an expense right now, getting your car serviced is actually an investment. Not only will you save money in the long term on repairing parts, but you will also save money on fuel and could see a better value when it comes to selling. Get your car booked into a garage and keep your car servicing history up to date.

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