Car Servicing Essentials

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Car Servicing Essentials

9 February 2016
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Getting your car serviced is a vital part of motoring, not only because you are legally obliged to keep your vehicle roadworthy at all times but also because servicing can help your vehicle reach its optimal performance. Regular servicing helps reduce future maintenance costs as well as increasing fuel efficiency.

Log Book Service

If your vehicle has a statutory warranty, you will need to carry out a log book service to preserve the warranty and to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Servicing dates should be indicated in your log book, which are often annually or dependent on the number of kilometers your vehicle has covered. Note that new car owners do not need to return to the car manufacturer's service centre to carry out a log book service since there are many other auto service centres to choose from. Outside of your log book servicing, it is not essential that you service your vehicle unless you feel a service is due because of mechanical or electrical problems.

Brakes and Suspension

Braking and suspension systems are perhaps the most important feature of your vehicle. Take your vehicle to a service centre if you notice obvious problems with steering such as peculiar sounds or if the steering wheel shakes while braking. Problems with suspension should be addressed sooner rather than later as a damaged suspension system can impact braking, steering, as well as the condition and alignment of the tyres.

Wheel Alignment

Another important consideration is wheel alignment. If the wheels on your vehicle are not correctly aligned, you might notice the car veering to one side of the road or the steering wheel might shake. Incorrect wheel alignment can wear down your tyres unevenly and can damage the brakes.

Check Your Tyres

Motor vehicles are complex machines with several different interconnected systems. In most cases, noticing faults early will save you a lot of hassle and will be kinder to your wallet. Checking your tyres for wear is a good indicator of other problems and is recommended at least once a month and before and after long trips. If you notice unusually fast wear, this might be because the tyres are under or overinflated. Underinflated tyres will wear more along both edges while overinflated tyres will wear along the centre tread. Poor wheel alignment usually results in one-sided wear, or bald patches, scallops, or cups. Other unusual wear patterns could result from taking corners too fast or because of worn shock absorbers or wheel imbalance.

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