The Positive Aspects to Automatic Transmission Cars

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The Positive Aspects to Automatic Transmission Cars

2 December 2015
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Whereas there's no denying the macho quality that comes with being able to properly drive a car with manual transmission, those who drive cars with automatic transmission enjoy a range of benefits and advantages from this system of transmission. Most of these advantages, as analysed below, are centred on the ease with which one is able to drive the automatic transmission car.

Hassle free driving

Cars with automatic transmission are lauded for being very easy to drive. This is because they do not require intense concentration that one would need to drive a manual car. The manual transmission requires that the driver operate the clutch while shifting gears, and this can become quite cumbersome in urban areas which are prone to traffic jams.

The automatic, on the other hand, does all the shifting between gears for you. All the driver has to do is set the stick either in drive, reverse or park. In the creeping traffic, the driver has no fears of stalling resulting from asynchronous clutch and gearstick shifting.

Faster acceleration

Automatic transmission shifts through the gears faster and more accurately, thus resulting in faster acceleration. This is because the shifting of gears eliminates direct driver input, letting the car do the shifting automatically. This is unlike manual transmission cars which require the driver to actively depress the clutch pedal while shifting the gear stick. This active driver involvement is prone to mistakes like mistiming the shift.

Safe bet for investment

When you buy a car that operates automatic transmission, chances are that you will get a lot of your money back because these kinds of vehicles have a high resale value. The resale value is high because of the ease of operation provided by the type of transmission as well as the other advantages that it offers.

More powerful

The torque load in automatic transmission cars is spread out over a larger area, thus reducing breakage. This is possible because of the gear set arrangement used to transfer the power. Located at the back of the transmission, the set has gears that are arranged in planetary format, with one driving the other, thereby increasing the surface area that is in contact which ultimately reduces breakage.

Vehicles that utilise the automatic transmission system, therefore, are the ideal cars to buy especially if you are from an urban area. The above advantages make a strong statement to support this.

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