Know Your Car Radiator Problems: Causes, Repairs & More

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Know Your Car Radiator Problems: Causes, Repairs & More

5 November 2015
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Your car's radiator is a crucial part of its running. The radiator helps with cooling the engine in order to keep it from overheating, and the subsequent damage that that would bring about. This is made possible by cooling the engine's coolant in repeated cycles as your car runs. When the radiator fails, your car's hood may go up in steam, your engine may get damaged severely, and your car will definitely not run. So what problems can your radiator face? Read all about them below.

Leaking radiator

The main product that flows through the radiator is the coolant. This is a basically a mixture of water and anti-freeze. If some of this coolant is lost, it will become insufficient to cool the engine. Coolant loss can happen if your radiator or the hoses connected to the radiator are leaking. You can detect a leaking radiator by checking for leak spots under the car's hood. If you are experiencing this, you may need to replace the hoses or have the radiator repaired/replaced.

Air within the coolant

If there is air within the coolant, the engine may not get cooled sufficiently and overheating may occur. Though hard to detect, air within the coolant may be the problem if your radiator has enough coolant, is working perfectly, and is showing no signs of leaks or wear. The remedy for this problem is to have the coolant 'bled' out of the radiator, or flushed, and then refilled.

Damage or obstruction in the radiator fins

The radiator fins act as heat exchangers. They absorb heat from the coolant before transferring it into the air. If the fins are damaged or blocked, the heat transfer process will be inhibited and the coolant will not be cooled enough. This can happen if the radiator has been hit in an accident. Obstruction can also happen if the radiator fins are dirty due to grit, insects, and other dirt. If this happens, you'll need to have the radiator serviced or cleaned.

Failed radiator fan

The fan facilitates heat exchange between the radiator fins and the air. If your radiator fin is damaged, air will not be passed through the radiator, especially when the car is not moving, thus causing overheating. This can happen if the fan has problems to do with the motor, wiring or even bent blades. This can be detected by checking the fan action after turning off a car. If faulty, the radiator fan will have to be repaired.

Is your car overheating? If so, your radiator may be a victim of one of these problems. Seek a radiator specialist for car radiator repairs to avoid engine damage or car stalling.

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