Smash Repairs: Three Ways to Save on Vehicle Body Work

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Smash Repairs: Three Ways to Save on Vehicle Body Work

10 July 2015
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There are significant costs attached to vehicle repairs after major and minor accidents. Therefore, it is crucial for you to find ways to cut the total expenses for the restoration work. However, this does not mean you should compromise on the quality of the repairs carried out on the vehicle. Poor repair work will lower the resale value of the automotive and the functionality of the components might not be fully restored. There are obvious methods for reducing expenses such as comparing labour costs and claiming insurance for even small damages. In addition, there are repair techniques that can make a huge difference in the repair, particularly when auto body restoration work is being carried out. Here are some simple tips to help you save on vehicle body repairs.

DIY Fixes for Scratches

Virtually all automotive accidents will result in small or large scratches on the body panels. It is important to repair the damage immediately in order to protect the metal panels from rust and corrosion. If the panels are left bare, the scratches will accelerate the degradation of the body work. There are commercial scratch-removing waxes and polishes in the market designed for auto repair. The products work on all vehicle colours and they are easy to use when fixing swirl marks and light on the panels.

You will need to apply the material on the damaged areas, wipe away the excess and buff the surface. Alternatively, you can purchase a colour match scratch repair kit for scratches that are deeper. The colour must be identical to your vehicle's paint work for complete restoration. Basically, the colour fill product is applied directly on the damaged area evenly to cover the scratch.

Choose Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal allows damages such as creases and dents to be eliminated from body panels. Basically, the body panel is straightened without sanding, use of body filler or painting. This reduces the total costs associated with removing significant distortions. The technique can be used on aluminium and steel vehicle panels as long as the paint surface is not damaged. You should also note that the success of the technique will depend on factors such as the severity of damage, thickness of the panels and positioning of the dent.

Replace Parts

In some cases, replacement may be cheaper than repair; therefore, you should consult your mechanic for smash repairs estimations. Components such as fenders and bumpers are fairly cheap to purchase and install. Additionally, consider choosing used and aftermarket replacement panels. 

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