The Top 9 Industries that Use Hydraulic Equipment Every Day

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The Top 9 Industries that Use Hydraulic Equipment Every Day

1 July 2015
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The principle of hydraulics is defined as force that is applied at one point with the help of an incompressible fluid. Incompressible simply means unable to be compressed. There are several types of hydraulic equipment used in various industries throughout the world today.

1. The automotive world is a huge proponent of hydraulic equipment. You will see multiple types of hydraulic equipment used on a car. There can be hydraulic brakes, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors. You will see hydraulic equipment used in machinery shops with their hydraulic cylinders. Cars are more efficient and hard-working than ever, thanks to the use of hydraulic equipment.

Businesses like G.V. Hydraulink provide hydraulic equipment and services for automotive needs.

2. Water treatment plants may employ hydraulic valves. Hydraulic valves direct the flow of water. They can be meshed up with pipes of varying sizes and materials. This makes water output in certain areas so much easier than with traditional valves. Hydraulic valves can also change the pressure of the water flowing through the pipes. Since you can have more pressure with hydraulic equipment, you can have much stronger water flows.

3. Construction sites often make use of hydraulic equipment. Machines like bulldozers, backhoes and excavators all use hydraulic power. Smaller and more flexible arms can be used on these hulking machines so the construction worker can manoeuvre into more places to complete the job. Smaller tools such as a jackhammer are also examples of hydraulic machinery.

4. The landscaping industry also uses hydraulic equipment. Skid steer loaders can be used to move mulch, gravel, dirt and debris to complete a plethora of jobs.

5. Have you ever ridden in an aeroplane? If so, thank hydraulic equipment! Aviation is a field that uses hydraulic machinery every day. Both the take-off and landing gear are form of hydraulic equipment.

6. Even the business of being healthy is getting in on the action. Did you get in a good workout at the gym this week? Chances are one of the machines you used had hydraulic cylinders for resistance.

7. Art is made with hydraulic machines. Have you ever looked a gorgeous metal sculpture and wondered how it was made? Most likely it was made with a hydraulic press machine. All sorts of sculptures can be made as well as practical items like doors and fences.

8. The amusement park industry would be lost without the invention of hydraulic machines. Have you ever spun around on a teacup ride or been lifted up by a Ferris wheel? Both those rides use hydraulic power.

9. Beauty is even on the list! Next time you go to a hairdresser and the stylist pumps your chair up so you are even with the mirror know that you were just lifted with hydraulic power.


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