Transmission Services Every Car Owner Should Know About

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Transmission Services Every Car Owner Should Know About

3 June 2015
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When you are told that your car needs transmission services for routine servicing or repair, there may be some terms you aren't familiar with. This often leads to avoiding certain maintenance that needs to be done, or getting services you may not need at the time. Before you take your car in for another maintenance appointment, specifically transmission service, consider these services terms and what to know about each.

Transmission Resealing

You may be told by your transmission services technician that you need a resealing performed. This is something that usually considered when you are having issues retaining your transmission fluid. This particular service can save you from a more costly repair later down the road. What your technician will do is remove the transmission, replace all of the seals, and check for retention of the fluid. Depending on the work load of your service technician, you may be able to have this done within a business day or it may take several days.

Transmission Flush

If your technician tells you that a transmission service you need is a transmission flush then you may have old fluid causing an issue. What the technician will do is flush the system completely of any current fluid. During this flush they will also be able to find any leaks or issues that may be occurring as well. When all of the old fluid is removed from the transmission, it will be cleaned, and new fluid will be added.

Diagnostic Check

If you are taking your car in for a transmission issue, like a check engine light showing, then you may be told you need a diagnostic check. This is a simple check that allows the technicians to locate the exact problem based on a computer evaluation of your vehicle. They will take your car and hook its computer board to the diagnostic machine. The machine will then perform several computer based and electrical based checks to find the exact issue with your car. They will then inform you of the issue using the printout provided by the diagnostic machine.

If you are taking your vehicle in for a routine maintenance, or if you having your used car examined for the first time, you may receive word from your technician that all three of these services are necessary. If that is the case it may be several days before the procedures are completed. Ask your insurance or transmission service provider about a rental car for these days.   

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